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mer. 05 juin



SWITZERLAND : KIRTAN - A Celebration of Life ! The Bhakti Tour #2024

part of the Bhakti European Tour #2024 - A joyful gathering celebrating Life through the chanting of Mantras & songs of the World

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SWITZERLAND : KIRTAN - A Celebration of Life ! The Bhakti Tour #2024
SWITZERLAND : KIRTAN - A Celebration of Life ! The Bhakti Tour #2024

Heure et lieu

05 juin 2024, 08:00 – 10:00

Sevelen, Guschastrasse 40, 9475 Sevelen, Suisse

À propos de l'événement

Bhakti Yoga could be translated as 'Yoga of the Heart' or 'Yoga of Devotion' ; it is a spiritual path accessible to all which waters the seeds of Love planted in each heart. It comprises of a set of practices which  bring the practioner closer to Source by satisfying the noble and profound desire of the Soul  : that of a return to Unity, a Life of meaning & ease , and a sense of wholeness. 

Originally from India, Kirtan is a Bhakti practice which consists of sitting in community and chanting the names of the Divine. By calling out the different aspects of the One , the practitioner is invited to embrace every part of him/her and remember his/her Divine Essence.

Mantras are sacred formulas , mostly in Sankrit here, which vibrations can unlock potentials and re-activate energetic centres within us, especially when chanted in unisson they unable emotions to express themselves and be released. It is a balm for the Heart, a resting place for the Mind and a Healing nectar for the body.  

Kirtan is a very effective practice that requires no knowledge, just a full presence, a curiosity and a willingness to listen ; the Music onto which the Mantras float helps the practitioner to get free, unleash his/her voice and transcend the barriers of the ego. Stories of Hindu Philosophy & contemplations are shared between Mantras offering everyone a space for self-reflection, Healing & Liberation. 

A moment of Poetry and Union between Silence & Sound 

*Joyfully guided by Angéline & Cédric Derouin (Fr)




- 8 pm start - admission from 7pm

- you are welcome to bring  : musical instruments, offerings for the altar, flowers & your intentions <3

- 30 CHF

- Kids come for free  (and very welcome!) 




Devoted to the path of Yoga, Ayurveda and Music, Angéline has at heart to spread the wisdom of these Arts so that each of us remembers how miraculous this Breath called Life is. Forever a student and dedicated to her Practice she shares traditional teachings with lightness and modernity showing how accessible the Sacred is, and how possible it is to live a life of Fullness & Connection to our deepest Truth.

Her ‘Liberation through Voice’ workshops are spaces of Freedom she holds, inviting every one to get free from the mind’s restrictions - so that the longing of the Soul can unfold. She is eternally grateful for the privilege of offering her voice to the community through Mantras in Kirtans.




Music passionate, Cédric plays saxophone, drums and all sorts of percussions - which he teaches and makes. Also a craftsman, he works with different materials such as recycled wood designing furnitures and entire homes : he has the talent of bringing the old back to life.

Nature lover he enjoys caring for the Earth and its plants, cultivating life in all forms - he knows Healing is abundantly available to the one who is attentive.

His humility, generosity and overflowing creativity as he plays brings out a whole new dimension to the Mantras in Kirtan which has become his spiritual practice.



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