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Back from the Wild

Haven’t been able to post this treasure until now. Words are failing me - all is said when His names are chanted , skinlessly chanted.

My friends,

We were so raw, so damaged yet so new and so ready to hear Her speak. Peace of Mind had been rare to get lately, but this moment consumed every thought , every story , every ripple - you made the way to Love so accessible, the Longing so sweet, my purpose so clear , this Journey so worthwhile;

That very moment was God carving your names on the bark of my bones.

We were the crackling Fire (the socks being dried by its heat 😜), the Church that looked like a Tipi, the Voices, the Silence, the Dance, the Tears, the Joy,

Her Body, Her Lungs, the children at Her feet.

Perhaps the highest of my depths,

In sweet surrender, I bow to you

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